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According to Fr. Luis Escobar, there are abundant satanic signs present in these acts, highlighting the existence of a robust satanic identity bond among the individuals who perpetrated them.

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Chile – Santiago (26/10/2020 16:00, Gaudium Press) – Referring to the recent attacks against two churches in downtown Santiago de Chile, Fr. Luis Escobar, exorcist of the Diocese of Rancagua, sent a report to Portaluz website. On October 18, the Assumption Church and the Church of St. Francis of Borja were attacked and burned by a mob of demonstrators.

The priest affirms that there are ample “satanic signs” involved in these acts. They underline a strong satanic identity bond among the individuals who perpetrated them.

A satanic catechesis

Fr. Escobar also notes that the images circulating in the news have caught his attention. Based on his interpretation, authentic “satanic catechesis” is expressed in these images and validated attempts.

We include the letter of the priest. The subtitles are ours:

It is not by chance that at the beginning of the celebrations in Bakedan Square, demonstrators painted the statue of General Bakedan in red. Let us not forget that this place is a historical tomb: it is the burial place of an unknown soldier who defended Chile during the Pacific War.

Dances of already known demons

Dancers dressed as red demons, both men and women, walked on this same place; they danced deceitfully, emulating a traditional religious dance of the Chilean-Bolivian-Peruvian plateau honours the Blessed Virgin Mary.

These religious dances, known as ‘diabladas,’ (devilish) reveal Mary’s magnificence, before whom even demons surrender. This was not the meaning of the dance: after the performance, the desecration began, and the burning of two nearby churches took place.

In the first attack, religious symbols relevant to Chilean Catholic Christians were destroyed, such as the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Queen and Patroness of Chile. The sacred image was decapitated among the flames. Along with Her Mother’s statue, demonstrators defiled the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Fire, cries of mockery and hatred preceded this ignominious act.

Not satisfied with this, they attacked a second church, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. It is symbolized in a needle tower that rises to heaven as a sign of Mary’s ascension to God’s presence. As it was set on fire and in its fall, Chilean public television transmitted live the cries and applauses of a euphoric crowd. They were cheering and shouting for having attained such malignant audacity. At this point, the ritual’s catharsis resumed its vigour with cries of ‘long live the devil.’

asuncion church in chile

A ‘liturgy’ in honour of the devil

From the background provided by the history of Satan worship in Chile, the evidence of recent events and the knowledge I share with my exorcist brothers, I can say (…) this was a Satanic ritual. It was a Liturgy in honour of Satan beginning with dances representing the racket of demons and culminating with the desecration of temples and images of Mary Most Holy.

A satanic ritual requires the desecration of the Church’s sacred elements, usually the Eucharist, sacramentals or religious images, either to destroy them or to be used in other acts that symbolize an offence to God. Burning the Church of St. Francis of Borja is an act that goes beyond anarchism, past offending and attacking the police institution.

Satan and his followers make use of the incautious, stimulating the euphoria of hatred, violence and pride, as a condiment for this ritual dedicated to the devil, intending to leave a mark as a message: “Death to the Nazarene” is a vulgar phrase that the devil usually uses to address Jesus.

The intention was to offend Our Lady

But the ritual, this satanic catechesis that was possible to see live on television, demanded offending Mary. Significantly, they chose to burn the Assumption Parish since the last Marian dogma declared by the Church is the Assumption of Mary to Heaven, triumphant and glorious before God.

The assumption makes the devil angry, and that is why his followers ritualize him by knocking down the needle tower that rises towards heaven, representing Mary. They [pretended to assault] Mary in body and soul.
Today he continues this diabolical catechesis with invitations to demonize on October 25, with offences and obscenities [based] on religious pseudo-arguments: ‘the only Church that enlightens is the one that burns.’

How to neutralize all this cult? Above all things, the means are to love God, opting for a life centred on Christ, conquering evil, sustained by a permanent sacramental life.
Above all, with a great love for the Eucharist. It will also lead us to recognize Christ in the brother and pray for our enemies even more. The frequent prayer of a wounded and suffering church that abandons itself in Christ is the cry that we can raise to heaven.

Do not be deceived because this prayer is reaching to God. The armies of heaven are fighting with us. Remember the Cross: everything seemed lost, it was dark, everyone disappeared; the apostles were sad, they were walking to Emmaus, and it was getting darker and darker; but when Christ appeared and offered himself in the breaking of bread, their eyes opened, and they were filled with joy and recognized that they were never alone.

In this battle, while using the weapons of faith, let us not forget Mary Most Holy. She is the intercessor par excellence and also our Mother. Mary will never abandon us. She will shield us from the power of darkness.

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