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Who was Saint John Paul II?

Today, October 22, the Church celebrates the liturgical memory of Saint John Paul II. Learn about the history of…

Young adults, more likely to accept the integrity of Catholic doctrine than older ones

The information is based on a poll by RealClear Opinion, conducted in conjunction with EWTN.

In Portland, the Archbishop also performed exorcism rituals over the city, as in San Francisco

Bishop Sample led a procession out of the Cathedral. The rosary was also prayed. 

Pro-Abortion Groups Attack Sen. Feinstein for failing to Block Catholic Judge Amy Barrett

NARAL and Democrat Justice call for Senator to quit from U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Australian financial intelligence police shared information about 700,000 euros sent from the Vatican…

Revelations surfaced today when AUSTRAC Executive Director Nicole Rose appeared on a Senate committee hearing. [caption id=”attachment_6130″ align=”alignnone”…

Increasing demands for the liberation of Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaez, kidnapped 3 years ago in Mali…

Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaez, of the Franciscans of Mary Immaculate, is still alive. She was kidnapped by…

Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane contradicted San Diego Bishop on a possible support to Biden

He has opposed recent statements on how Catholic voters should consider a candidate’s position on abortion. [caption…

The diary Cardinal Pell wrote in prison has 1,000 pages

It will be published by Ignatius Press.

Teacher beheaded in France for showing cartoons of Muhammad to his students

The teacher had shown cartoons of Muhammad in class. A parent had lodged complains.

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