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Mike Pompeo met Cardinal Parolin…

The event can be reported in many ways. None of them reveals the depth of what happened.

Judge Barrett’s nomination: Abortion becomes a central issue in the presidential campaign

“Women could lose the rights enshrined in Roe v. Wade for 50 years,” Biden fears. [caption id=”attachment_5590″ align=”alignnone”…

Archbishop Chaput: Attacks on Judge Barrett are a prelude to attacks on all true Catholics

Most Rev. Charles Chaput, Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia, and one of the great figures of the American…

Judge Barrett’s Religion and Biden’s Religion: Dark Glasses and Gold Glasses

The attacks on Judge Barrett’s Catholic faith may be a dangerous gamble for Democratic aspirations. [caption id=”attachment_5546″ align=”alignnone”…

Cardinal Pell travels to Rome

The statement issued after the resignation of the rights of Cardinal Becciu raises not a few suspicions.

Judge Barrett: the next iconic figure of the American woman?

Catholic, mother of 7, a brilliant jurist, it’s really hard to get in the way of her…

Yourgest son of British Prime Minister, baptized in the Catholic Church

Wilfred Johnson, born in April, was baptized in Westminster Cathedral on September 12th, 2020

Chinese government continues to imprison priests and even bishops

In China’s Jiangxi province, priests have been placed under house arrest, according to UCA News.

Cardinal Becciu leaves Congregation for the Causes of Saints and renounces to his rights as a cardinal…

The last cardinal to renounce his rights as such was Archbishop Keith O’Brien, Cardinal Archbishop of St….

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