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What did the Pope discuss with Cardinal Pell on their recent audience?

The Pope thanked “the testimony” given by the Australian Cardinal during the whole process that kept him…

Mike Pompeo met Cardinal Parolin…

The event can be reported in many ways. None of them reveals the depth of what happened.

Padre Pio: Suffering, persecution, and glory

The life of a saint that today is venerated by the faithful all over the world.

Where is the Church heading after the pandemic?

A recent statement by Cardinal Robert Sarah opens the doors to reflection.

The voice of God was heard in Royer’s humble blacksmith shop when the people listened to Saint Joan.

This time the young peasant girl, Joanne of Arc, returned alone.

A New Pandemic: The Intolerance of the “Tolerant”

If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you,” said Our Lord Jesus Christ to His…

Suffering, human evil, and God’s goodness

“God prefers to bring good out of evil rather than not allowing it”, said Saint Augustine. [caption id=”attachment_5510″…

Meek as doves, shrewd as snakes

It is not about Vendetta, Anonymous, or the masked men of the Paper House.

Where do Ash Wednesday ashes come from?

From the Editor’s Desk (Monday, March 4, 2019, Gaudium Press) “Remember you are dust and to…

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