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Saint Matthew, from tax collector to recruiter of souls

Christ himself esteemed Saint Matthew by sitting at his table.

Saint Peter of Arbués, the martyr in the Cathedral of Zaragoza

The mastermind of his murder committed suicide in prison. The perpetrators were sentenced to death.

Saint Genaro, the Bishop of Naples, whose blood liquifies three times a year

One of those days is today. And today the miracle happened too.

St. Robert Bellarmine, angelic intelligence and Cardinal Shepherd; they wanted to appoint him Pope, but he asked the Lord not to….

Roberto’s family wanted him to become a politician, but God had him for much more.

Pope St. Cornelius, defender of the faith and advocate of sinners; Bishop St. Cyprian, confessor as well: brothers in martyrdom…

Cornelius, which means “strong as a horn,” suffered martyrdom when he became Pope in 253, under the…

Blessed Bartholomew Gutiérrez, though burned with sulfurous water, did not deny the faith

Today we celebrate the life of Blessed Bartholomew Gutiérrez, a Mexican Augustinian, who died out of hatred…

Saint Aegidius, or Giles was fed by a hind

Today’s saint, Saint Giles or Aegidius, is a hermit of Athenian origin who lived in the 7th…

St. Bernadette Soubirous the visionary of Lourdes

From the Editor’s desk (Monday, February 11, 2019, Gaudium Press) Bernadette’s canonization in 1933 was the…

St. Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

From the Editor’s desk (Tuesday, February 5, 2019, Gaudium Press) The life of St Agatha by Rev….

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