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The portrait, which is more than nine meters wide and 30 meters high, shows the Polish pontiff leaning on his crosier while praying.

Poland – Stalowa Wola (October 20, 2020 5:15 pm Gaudium Press)The Polish city of Stalowa Wola, located in southeastern Poland, inaugurated a giant painting with St John Paul II”s s portrait, honouring the centennial of his birth.

A giant painting: nine meters wide and 30 meters high

More than nine meters wide and 30 meters high, the portrait shows the Polish Pontiff, leaning on his crosier while praying. Below the image, a sentence said by St. John Paul II: “I embrace Stalowa Wola from the heart, a city that symbolizes the workers’ great faith.”

The painting, which is on the side of a residential building on John Paul II Avenue, was officially blessed by Bishop Edward Frankowski, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Sandomierz.

St. John Paul II and the city of Stalowa Wola

Although St. John Paul II never visited the city as Pope, he expressed his admiration for the inhabitants, congratulating them for their determination to build the Church of Our Lady, Queen of Poland, even in the face of pressure and opposition from the communist authorities. In 1973, while Archbishop of Krakow, he consecrated the Church. Later, already as Pope, he granted it the title of minor basilica.

“Just as in this mural St. John Paul II is leaning against the cross, may this image be a support for us. Our Pope, with his life, like a Moses of our time, opened the hearts of others; therefore, let us be kind, affectionate and loving to each other,” stated Lucjusz Nadbereżny, mayor of Stalowa Wola. (EPC)

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