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A chain of prayer requests, transmitted by social networks and circulated throughout the world, affirms that the Pope emeritus was “fading away.”

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Vatican City (October 29, 2020 5:15 pm Gaudium Press)  Is Benedict XVI ‘fading away’? A chain of prayer requests, broadcast on social networks and circulated throughout the world, affirms that. They even quote words from the Pope’s own private secretary, Bishop Georg Ganswein, asking for prayers.

This type of announcement and chain has been repeated several times in recent years concerning Benedict’s health.

But the extent and speed with which this news has spread are special and somewhat strange. Well-known newspapers, such as the Italian Il Messagero, call this broadcast “mysterious,.” Their origin is unknown.

There is nothing abnormal in the Pontiff emeritus

However, Vatican sources confirmed to Gaudium Press that the Pope’s health is stable. In the same sense, as reported by the Vatican Mater Ecclesiae Monastery, there is nothing abnormal in Benedict’s health. There are no signs of alarm.

The Pontiff’s health is according to the standards of a person of his age, and everything is under control.

“He is like a candle that is slowly and serenely extinguished. He is at peace with God, with himself and with the world, he cannot walk without help and he can no longer celebrate Holy Mass. We offer prayers for the Holy Father in his journey of life with Christ, whom he loves and has served with so much love and dedication,” reads the most widespread message, attributed to Archbishop Georg Gänswein.

Along with the consequences of his many years, the Pope’s lucidity, memory and attention are in excellent shape, as people of the calibre of Peter Seewald, biographer of the Pontiff Emeritus, have testified.

This lucidity has allowed him, according to Seewald, to write a will to be read after his death. He makes arrangements for the place of his tomb, which would be the former tomb of St. John Paul II in the crypt of St. Peter.

About the path undertaken by Benedict towards Christ, mentioned by the message circulating on social networks, this is something that Benedict himself had already indicated on the same day that his resignation became effective, February 28, 2013: “I am simply a pilgrim who is beginning the last stage of his pilgrimage on this earth. But I still want, with my heart, with my love, with my prayer, with my reflection, with all my inner strength, to work for the common good and the good of the Church and humanity. And I feel very supported by your sympathy. Let us walk together with the Lord for the good of the Church and the world.”

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