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Polish Bishops: “No one can defend the Church and the sacred objects better than the community of the faithful.”

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Newsdesk (October 29, 2020 5:50 pm Gaudium Press)The Permanent Council of the Polish Bishops’ Conference has made public a statement in which it deplores the violence perpetrated against the Church by pro-abortion radicals.

The declaration encourages the faithful to defend temples and sacred objects by stating that “No one can defend the Church and sacred objects better than the community of the faithful.”

The worse wave of hatred against the Church since the fall of the communist regime

What is taking place in Poland is the biggest wave of anti-Catholic hatred the country has seen since the fall of communism.

In recent days, Poland has been the scene of all kinds of vandalism attacks against Catholic temples and religious images that are carried out by organized groups of left-wing abortionists with support from radicals opposed to life and German anti-Catholics sectors.

Such anti-Catholic fury has been perpetrated by abortion advocates after a decision issued by Poland’s Constitutional Court prohibiting the abortion of malformed fetuses.

According to the Polish prelates, although the security forces are fulfilling their role, there are many faithful who want to defend their churches physically and visibly.

This gesture was also commented by the Polish bishops in a statement in which they regret the current events and emphasize that the Church will always defend the life of the unborn.

Excerpts from the communiqué of the members of the Permanent Council of Bishops

A communiqué signed by the Members of the Permanent Council of the Polish Bishops’ Conference’ alerts all sectors of society: “Today, when a wave of street protests spreads through our country, (we remember) John Paul II, who ‘always called for a special love for the weak and defenceless and the protection of all human life, from its conception to its natural death.”

“These words are part of the Church’s constant call for protection, including the legal protection of the life of every human being, which includes those who are not yet born, according to the commandment ‘You shall not kill.”

The Church will always defend life and support initiatives that protect it.

“We observe with great pain the escalation of tension and social aggression. The vulgar language used by some of the demonstrators, the destruction of social goods, the devastation of churches, the desecration of holy places or the impediment of the liturgy are also worrying”.

“We call on everyone to participate in meaningful social dialogue, to express their opinions without resorting to violence and to respect the dignity of every human being.”

“We thank the pastors and all the lay faithful who courageously defend their churches. No one can defend the Church and the sacred objects better than the community of believers.”

“We also thank the security services. The Church wishes to remain open to all people, regardless of their social and political affiliation.”

“We also ask all believers to fast, give alms and pray for social peace, with the intention of protecting life, ending the current crisis and ending the development of the pandemic. We bless all our compatriots,” they concluded.



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