Tuesday, 27 October, 2020

The Priest is Fr. Pier Luigi Maccalli, Italian. There is no news of Sister Gloria Narvaez, who was also kidnapped in Mali more than three years ago.

Pier Luigi Maccalli

Newsroom, (October 9, 2020, Gaudium Press) —   Fr. Pier Luigi Maccalli, who had been kidnapped in September 2018 by Jihadists in Mali, was released. The missionary’s liberation came after the government released 100 Jihadists, last weekend.

However, speculations regarding the release of Sister Gloria Cecilia Nárvaez, have been denied. Sister Narvaez was kidnapped in Mali more than three years ago. Her relatives are still waiting for information regarding her whereabouts.

Along with the Italian priest, were released three other prisoners: an engineer, a French humanitarian worker, and an opposition politician from Mali.

After their liberation, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and French President Emmanuel Macron expressed their congratulations. Conte received the priest and the engineer on their arrival in Italy.

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