Monday, 23 November, 2020

Why are we called Gaudium Press?

 As Catholics with a particular calling to the world of communication, we had a dream to create a tool where we could transform our vocation into a reality. The opportunity came on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Brazil. Hence the idea of a news agency based in a mayor catholic country –Brazil– and addressing primordially a Catholic public, came to our mind on a time of great blessings and joy for all of us.

This joy enkindled us and our hope became reality. The news agency was born. How should we name it?

In his first homily on Brazilian ground, Pope Benedict XVI, quoted several times one of the most important documents of Vatican II, “Gaudium et Spes” (Joy and Hope). Truly the Pope’s visit to Brazil was full of “Gaudium”, a joy that also brought great “Spes”.  So our mission and vision was defined: to inform with joy and hope.

The name was quickly coined and the creators of the agency, unanimously named it Gaudium Press.

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